Sexual addicts

Sexual and porn addictions are real conditions that many people do not know anything about. Most of them are not even aware that these addictions exist. They do and they are real and can cause the individuals and their families to collapse like the house of cards. Just like any other addiction, sexual addiction requires an adequate treatment as well. Sexual addiction is a behavior that a person is not aware of.

It can represent one or more behaviors and all of them can have a very negative impact on one’s life. Even though it has not been listed as a diagnosable condition, it is still considered a condition and if not treated accordingly, it could have significant negative consequences on the lives of the addicts. post1bSuch adverse and excess behavior is very similar to the addiction that drug abusers tend to develop.

Even though it is often compared to the porn addiction, sexual addiction is not the same thing as porn addiction. There are many different forms of sexual addiction and it is easy to classify and categorize them all. Any excessive sexual pursuit can be considered as a sexual addiction. The classic categories of sexual addiction would be voyeurism or any kind of sexual exhibition, masochistic and sadistic behavior, sexual fantasies and masturbation, prostitution and excessive pornography.

The most common indicators of sexual addiction

There are two types of signs that someone is a sexual addict. The signs can be physical and emotional. Emotional symptoms of sexual addiction are humiliation, anger, depression, isolation and alienation. Most of the time, persons who are sexual addicts tend to manifest their addiction through a series of deviant behaviors. The greatest fear sexual addicts have is the fear of abandonment and they are prepared to stay in an unhealthy relationship or jump from one partner to another.post1a

They will do anything more or less just to avoid feeling incomplete or empty. Emotional sexual addicts are depending on people around them as well because they need them to feed their addiction. They will not respect themselves or feel a very low self-esteem. Most of the time, they will do anything to get what they want and need. There are physical symptoms of sexual addiction as well.

Physical consequences are a decline in family, social and personal engagements as well as relationships, decreased productivity and concentration and in severe cases sexual dysfunction. It also leaves psychological effects like the feelings of emotional distress, inadequacy and shame but also depression, anxiety, substance abuse, impulsive behavior and emotion dysregulation. The good thing about sexual addiction of any type is that it can be treated successfully. The only thing a person needs is the will.