The most common reasons for drug abuse

There are countless reasons why a person would abuse drugs. There are different forms of substance abuse and every addiction is different as the intensity varies greatly from one substance to another. Since everything in this world happens for a reason, there are common reasons why people start abusing a certain substance. Some substances like alcohol and nicotine are completely legal and anyone can get addicted without any problem. Besides heroin, these two substances take most lives all across the world but people still keep abusing them mercilessly and relentlessly. That may be probably because they are legal.

post2aPeople who abuse these substances think they are using them to self-medicate for stress, trauma or anxiety but what they do not know is that alcohol and nicotine actually increase the levels of all three. Prescribed medication is a part of the pack as well. Most people are completely assured that if a doctor prescribed a medication they can feel free to use it as much as they want. They think that there are no consequences to their consumption. What they don’t know is that most of the medications that need prescriptions are opiate-based and therefore are extremely addictive. Abusing such medications is equal to being a drug addict.

Still, one of the most dangerous reasons people start abusing drugs is to fit in and this is widely spread among teenagers. They will do unimaginable things just to fit in and get accepted by the gang and the hood. That is where they start abusing drugs and alcohol as well as sex.

Depression is one of the most common causes of drug addiction

post2bMany people do not take depression seriously enough and they are not fully aware of the consequences that depression can have. This problem is a health condition that requires proper diagnosis and treatment. Most of the time, people think that they can manage on their own and they try to top self-medicate using several substances that could result in the addiction. The substances they use most are cocaine, marijuana and alcohol but that is not the end of the problem.

Most of the medications prescribed for depression are heavy medications that also result in the addiction so depression is a lot more dangerous than people think. One of the most common reasons why people abuse drugs is simply to feel good. There is nothing more to it as simple as that. They take the drugs to feel high which makes them feel good and they can relax and take a break from everyday life and all the troubles that come with it. Still, taking drugs for whatever reason leads to the addiction.